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Skin and Blister Packaging since 1982

Skin and blister packaging are our only products.  As a result, we've become pretty good at them!  But as much as we know those 2 product lines, our best offering is advice and help.   We strive to give you the best advice that we can whether it helps us or not.   We treat people that way that we want to be treated.  You want a “Guesstimate"?  We can do that, You want a few samples? We can do that too.  Call us and let us show you how we can help.

Packaging tips and tricks

Skin Packaging vs. Blister Packaging

Skin Packaging vs. Blister Packaging When it comes to mid-level budget retail packaging, the choice often comes down to skin packaging vs. blister packaging. There ...

Is a die cutter necessary for skin packaging?

No, a die cutter is not necessary. If you have large quantities of similar sizes it can be very beneficial though. The time it takes ...

Colors; CMYK vs PMS What is the difference

CMYK and PMS are two different color systems used in printing. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/Black) is a subtractive color model used in printing, where ...

CPI is a full service manufacturer and provider of all types of blister packaging materials and skin packaging services. Our “One Stop” advantage can offer you all materials for products.

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Why Choose Us

For 35 years, We have tried to make Clearwater Packaging into a company where our customers feel respected and valued. We appreciate the time, money and sacrifice that our customers have made to get their product developed, and we appreciate the trust they put in us to help them over the final hurdle.

We have intentionally kept our list of offerings very small, limited to just skin and blister packaging. We do this to in order to be experts at what we sell, not just a distributor with a catalog of items. If you already know your packaging, then we speak the same language. If you are new, we will teach you. Everyone however, gets our attention, respect and hard work.

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